Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ruby's Blessing

Ruby's blessing day was beautiful.  We were able to have almost all of our family there, and loved sharing such a special day with those we love.  Matt gave Ruby a beautiful blessing.  He prayed that she would look to her brother and sister's examples, and that she would be an example to others.  He blessed Ruby that she would be a light to others and share the gospel.  He blessed her with health, a knowledge to study, and a knowledge of the gospel.  He blessed her to find someone with her own values and to enter into a temple marriage with that person.   Ruby, your dad and I both love you so much, and pray for these blessings in your life.  We know without a doubt that living the gospel will bring you true joy and happiness.  You have already been such a light and joy to our family.  We love you more than you can know and pray for your happiness always.  Love, Mom and Dad


Matt took the kids out to try to build a snowman, but the snow wasn't sticky enough again, so they ended up "sledding" down the hills of snow from the snowplows...

We went to Pizza Pie Cafe, and the kids sat in their own little booth.  They kept doing "cheers" with their cups... so cute!

Sweet little Ruby...

Daddy got out of class early and made it home in time to read the Book of Mormon with us!  We can't wait until he graduates!

She loves playing with her tongue...

There are so many cute times I'm glad Sydney is such a great reader... when we are doing hours of homework, I'm not usually glad, so it's good to have little reminders like this:

Sydney ready for Claire's princess birthday party...

Ruby discovered her piggies!

It's been a hard month, as January can be, so on hard days I just hold Ruby, instead of doing the million things I should be doing.  She always seems to give me a better perspective on life.

Matt knew I was having a hard day, called Allie to babysit, left class early and surprised me with a dinner date.  We went to Market Street Grill.  It was delicious, and so nice to spend a little time with Matt who I never get to see with his busy work/school schedule.

Found this in the fridge... Sydney decided to have a little snack.  No wonder my cheese always goes bad!

Sweet Ruby fell asleep in the bumbo while I was in the shower...

Cooper playing dress up...

My parents gave us Jazz tickets for Christmas, so Matt and I got to go see them play the Kings, which also meant we got to watch Jimmer play.  It was such a fun night!  I love spending time with Matt.

Sydney practicing the Gettysburg Address...


2013 Highlights

Highlight movies from our 2013 year!  It was a wonderful year!



4 Months

I just think she's the cutest, sweetest, 4 month old around...

Temple Square

The holiday season was very busy this year, and we finally made it downtown to see the lights, after Christmas.  It was such a fun and happy night spending time together with just our little family.


Christmas is always a little extra special the years you have a little baby.  It makes the story of Christ's birth a little more real, and closer to our hearts, and I've been so grateful for that opportunity in my life.  We spent Christmas Eve at Nana's house, and enjoyed dinner and reading the Christmas story together.  Then we went home, set up some luminaries on our driveway, opened up some new jammies, said goodbye to Criddle, and set out cookies for Santa.  I love the spirit we feel on Christmas Eve as we remember Christ's birth.  It is beautiful and magical.  And I love the stillness of everything before we go to bed... I always have to take pictures of Christmas waiting for the kids... it freezes that quiet stillness for me, and is one of my favorite moments of Christmas.

When the kids woke up, they were so excited to get downstairs...and of course I made them wait for a picture.  I love that you can just see the excitement in their eyes.

Sydney was so excited to see that she got her American Girl doll!

We helped the kids shop and buy presents for each other.  Sydney got Cooper a Captain America and Spiderman, and was too excited to let Cooper open the box by himself.

And Cooper got Sydney some doll stuff for her favorite doll, Lizzy.  It was so fun for me to walk down the toy isles with each kid and have them really think about what the other would like...

One day in December Cooper was asleep and Sydney wanted to make him something.  She got out scissors, glue, paper, and found some cotton balls, and she made this "Simba" for Cooper.  Then she went downstairs and got a bag to wrap it in, and made her own card and glued it to the bag.  It was the most thoughtful present I've ever seen in my life.  She knew Cooper loves Simba, and really wanted to make him something special.  When he opened it, he loved it, and I was able to catch this picture... I just love Sydney standing in the background, so happy that her brother loves her gift that she put so much thought and work into.  It was a defining moment for me as a parent, to see Sydney more excited about that little piece of paper that she made for her brother than she was about the American Girl Doll she got from Santa.  We truly do find more joy in giving than in receiving!

Sydney and Cooper picked out these toys for Ruby, and even named them for her... they are named Sydney and Cooper!

Matt spoiled me and got me a new lens and flash for my camera... so when we went to my parents house for breakfast I took some pictures and had some fun with it...

Of course the highlight of the day was skyping with Brett!  Skype is so great.  I just love gathering together on the couch and all being together... it makes it feel like we are all just hanging out.  He looks so good, and is doing great!

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