Tuesday, June 16, 2015

April 2014

Milk drunk baby...

I just love finding my kids toys like this...

Our countdown chain... 30 days until Matt graduates, 49 days until I'm done teaching preschool, and 66 days until Sydney is done with school and summer break!

Ready for General Conference!

We went to a zip line park in Daybreak and had a blast!

The highlight of my day is picking Sydney up from school... I love watching her run over to our car!  Today after school she got to go to work with daddy, and we are realizing how much we are going to miss her when she's in first grade next year!

This boy melts me... He was the spotlight at school this week.  He was so careful with his poster, and did such a great job with it!  The other night, he left his baby blanket, that he sleeps with every night, laying on my bed for me because he didn't want my feet to be cold.  His favorites from his poster:  colors- red and blue, animal- elephant, food- macaroni and cheese, place- Cowabunga Bay, thing to do- eat at Chick-Fil-A, when he grows up he wants to be Captain America, and if he had one wish he'd with for a Captain America swimsuit!

Love mornings when we don't have to be up and out of the house early... Yay for Spring Break!

Matt had his very LAST final!!!! We can't wait to spend some more time with him! Graduation in one week!

We woke up super early for Comcast Cares Day, and volunteered at West High School.  Luckily we got to stay inside since it was pouring rain!  It pays to know the man in charge, and to have a little baby!

Movie day at preschool!  I can't believe the year is almost over!

Just printed my last preschool calendar!  It was definitely bittersweet and really weird!

Just wanted to remember her cute spelling for Elephants!  Her way makes more sense!

7 Months!

Seven months!  Ruby loves her rice cereal- sitting up- smiles and laughs all the time- and is the happiest baby ever. Seriously,  I'd have 100 babies if they were all as  happy as she is (and if they stayed that way as they grew up... haha!)


Ruby all ready for her first taste of mush!

Her initial reaction... ha ha ha!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

March 2014

March was a fun month for us!  We took lots of pictures of Ruby trying to sit up, and Sydney took lots of fun selfies!  I sure love these three kids!

Sydney taking Ruby for a walk...

Man do I love watching Cooper and Matt play catch!

Almost as small as Sydney's doll!

Sydney's tree hanging on the bulletin board at school!

This tiny little thing got shots today... And graduated to size 2 diapers...

Playing catch with Dad! Melt my heart...

Baseball wears him out...

We went to the driving range to watch Daddy hit a bucket of balls...

We eventually got Ruby to like her mush!

We love it when the leprechaun brings us Lucky Charms for St. Patricks Day!

Trying to sit up!

Had my first arthritis related shot, after having a swollen finger for months.  I had to go back in and get another one, but after two, the swelling finally went down...

She loved her first time in the park swing!

Had fun celebrating Allie's birthday with her at Blue Fish...

Finally got a good picture of Ruby doing her V-ups!  She's better at them than I am!

My girls...

The kids love this old truck with produce by it, when we go to the grocery store...

Sydney's poor finger got run over with the shopping cart.  She eventually lost the nail, but we won't show those pictures... gross!

I think I love them more when they are sleeping... haha!

Reading with Ruby on my lap... I love her tiny hand!

We went to the new Aquarium and had such a fun time.  We especially loved the penguins, and climbing across the rope ladder.

Cooper loved this this turtle because they told him it was 4 years old!  Just like him!

My favorite thing Cooper has said lately... "Daddy doesn't let me slide down the stairs,  But I let me!"

Look what's on my counter!!! Matt's graduation in one month!  Can't wait!

I can't believe how much Sydney has grown this year... She has become such a responsible and smart little girl.  I love listening to her play the piano and read.  It was a big day for her today because she gave a talk in Primary with no help!  She helped write her own talk, and read it by herself in Primary.  She was brave and articulate, and I couldn't be more proud.  I love you Sydney!

I just can't help myself... I know I take a million pictures of her... it's like I'm trying to capture every moment, since time just goes by too quickly!

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