Monday, August 17, 2015

Last Disney Day...

We saved our Magic Morning for our last day at Disneyland.  We wanted to get there early and beat the line to meet Anna and Elsa.  We had noticed that the line was always over 3 or 4 hours long, so we knew it would be our only chance to see them.  We'd also been told that you don't know which princess would be there.  So we woke up at 5:00, to make sure we'd be at the front of the line for when the gates opened for Magic Morning.  As soon as they opened the gate, Matt ran across the park, while Allie and I pushed the kids in strollers and Ruby was strapped to me, so we could get there as fast as possible.  Matt was the third person in line to see the princess, and we joined him soon after.  The kids were so excited, especially Sydney she could hardly stand it.  

She loved talking to Anna and Elsa, and we sure were lucky that both princesses were there!  As soon as we got out from seeing them, the line was already over 3 hours long!  We sure were glad that we had gotten up early so we didn't have to wait in such a long line.   We went on a bunch of rides while we were in Fantasy Land during Magic Morning while the lines were still short and got to go on a bunch of rides.

We finished up all the rides that we wanted to go on again at Disneyland, and then we ate lunch at the Blue Bayou.  The food was so yummy, and it was such a fun atmosphere!  After lunch, we went over to California Adventure where we went on the Toy Story Mania ride and got to meet Jessie!  We finished up our Disney days by buying souvenirs.  Cooper chose a Lightning McQueen remote control race car, and Sydney chose a small Ariel toy and waited to buy an Anna dress, since Disneyland was all sold out of everything Frozen.  Allie bought the kids lollipops to take home, which they of course loved.  Other purchases included matching necklaces for Allie, Sydney, and me, Woody and Jessie hats, and Mickey Mouse Ears for all the kids. 

We all had so much fun at Disneyland and were sad to leave. It was so much fun for all of us!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Disney Day 3

For our third day, we went to go see Captain America and Thor.  Cooper was so excited, he was ready to burst!  The first thing we saw when we walked in, was all of Iron Man's suits... so cool!

Then we waited in line to see Cap.  They had a lot of memorabilia and information about Captain America, like a museum.   Cooper loved seeing his shields, posters, and uniforms.

Captain America was so cute with Cooper.  He complimented his hair, telling him that is was the same as his... which was awesome because when we combed Cooper's hair in the morning, he specifically told me to comb it like Captain America's hair.  He talked to Cooper about Thor, and asked if we were going to see him.  He teased with Cooper saying the best heroes don't have long hair and wear capes, (in reference to Thor) and told him to tell Thor hi from him when we met him.  It was so cute and nice of him to spend so much time with Cooper.  When we left he asked Cooper to give him "Hulk Smash"  and did nucks/bones with him.

I love how Cooper can't stop looking at Cap in this picture!

He had Sydney pose like Black Widow...

The Thor presentation was really cool.  We went in a room where they kind of explained his story a little bit over some speakers, and then all of a sudden you heard thunder and saw lightning and then some doors opened up and we walked into this room as saw Thor.  Thor looked around the room and asked Cooper to come up!  He had Cooper try to lift his hammer, and of course Cooper couldn't, so then he helped him.  Cooper was absolutely thrilled!  Thor teased Cooper, and asked if he had gone to see the "Old Fossil" yet... referring to Captain America.  It was so funny to have them interplay with one another when they weren't even in the same place.  We gave him a "hulk smash" when we left too....

Then our whole family got to go up and meet Thor.  He played peek-a-boo with Ruby, and would hide behind his hammer.

Later that day we went to Toon Town again, and got to see Mickey again, but this time we got to see him in is Fantasia outfit.  We also got to go through Minnie's house, which we didn't do the first day we went there.

We sat down and watched the whole parade this time, and got to see some floats we didn't see the first time, including Anna and Elsa which Sydney was so excited about.  I guess this float goes by before the parade actually starts, so it's easy to miss it!  One of them waved directly at Sydney and she just loved it!

I LOVED the Mary Poppins part of the parade.  By far my favorite part!

This seriously could have been the best part of the whole trip. I love that you can't even see Cooper's face, but you can just tell how excited he is!

Peter Pan's ride was a favorite!  Good thing is was so fun, because the line sure was long!

We watched the night water show with Mickey Mouse, and then ran over to Main Street and caught the fireworks.  We didn't get a good spot for the fireworks, so we had to hoist the kids on our shoulders, but it turned out ok.

And as every day, ended with sleepy kids.  I couldn't help but take pictures of them sleeping, just imagining what they were dreaming about!

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